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Our Antarctic connection

As one of only five gateway cities in the world, Christchurch is in a unique position to connect Antarctica with the world, and take on the role of an ‘Antarctic custodian city’.

The Antarctic Office

The Antarctic Office supports the fulfillment of the Antarctic City Strategy. The Office provides strategic direction that reaches across individual stakeholder boundaries to foster collaboration. The Office also delivers a calendar of Antarctic-related events, building connections between the city and the Antarctic, and creating an engaged city and nation of Antarctic advocates.

Christchurch & Antarctica

The Antarctic City Strategy outlines Christchurch’s importance to the Antarctic. The strategy is designed to spark change in the way we as a city, and nation, think of our relationship with the Antarctic. The strategy is built on the core themes of service excellence, enabling infrastructure, deeper community engagement and thought leadership.

Who we are

Meet the team behind The Antarctic Office. Find out what we are working on and how you can get in touch.